Data Products

Data123 supplies data to consumers on a “Data Sim Card only” basis with bulk data packages by means of SIM CARDS supplied to users on a “month to month” payment basis to individuals, families, businesses, churches and many more on a “Soft Cap” system.

Our data is supplied via the Telkom LTE network and also roams on the Vodacom network throughout South Africa. What’s more is that you are not restricted to only have Wi-Fi data at home, but you are able to take your data with you when you leave your home and you may use it anywhere in SA, as long as there are either Telkom and/or Vodacom data capabilities available.

“Soft Cap” means that once your data has been depleted, an out of bundle rate per Gigabyte will be applicable, payable by means of either a debit order or EFT.

You can insert the SIM Card into a LTE, 4G or 3G Wi-Fi router and access the data via Wi-fi with all your devices connected.  You can also insert the SIM Card into a LTE or 4G/3G cellphone and transmit the data to your devices from the hot-spot function of your cellphone.

Data is supplied in bundles of 60, 80, 120, 200 & 300 Gigabytes with larger customised hybrid packages also available upon request (please contact for more info on these packages).

The Data123 Mobile Broadband is Unshaped and Unthrottled for almost all applications, which include email, browsing, streaming music and video, YouTube, Apple TV, Box Office, Netflix, VPN, VOIP, real-time online gaming, backups and gaming downloads.  For these you will never be shaped or throttled. However, the Telkom & Vodacom peer-to-peer Fair Usage Policy only applies to Torrent traffic via peer-to-peer and newsgroup (NNTP) during specific times.  For more detail, please view our Terms & Conditions.